About Us

A virtual meeting place for all those on the Isle of Wight interest in model rail, whatever gauge.

About Our Train Place

We are not a traditional club or society. Instead, we seek to include anyone who lives on our little island and is interested in model rail. Everyone from those belonging to traditional clubs through those enjoying the hobby in the comfort of their own homes to those putting together a few rails for the enjoyment of their little ones.


Started in Godshill!

Colin and Ray both landed in Godshill early 2017. Living within a few hundred metres of each other, they only discovered in 2020 that they had a common interest in model rail and had some n gauge stock and track in boxes in the attic. They have now embarked on creating their own layouts. Rather than keeping the information and ideas just to themselves they decided to use the internet to share with others. Being returners to the hobby, they both have a lot to learn given that their last forays into this realm were way back in the last century!

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