dapol terriers new batch

Dapol Announce new Batch of Class A1/A1X Terriers

Dapol have announced a new batch of Class A1/ A1X Terriers to be available Q1 2023. Four new liveries are expected:

  • 2S-012-017 – 32662 in BR black with late crest
  • 2S-012-018 – B653 in SR olive green
  • 2S-012-019 – 55 ‘Stepney’ in LBSCR improved engine green
  • 2S-012-020 – 71 ‘Wapping’ in LBSCR improved engine green

These are analogue (DC) models with an RRP of £88.95 (typically about £76 from main retailers).

Terrier features include:

  • Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts
  • Cast painted wheels
  • Heavy diecast chassis
  • All-wheel pickups and drive
  • NEM couplings
  • Accessory pack
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