Dual Power Controller by ANE Model now available from dMG electech

DMG Electech announced in March that they had signed a deal with ANE Model of Taiwan to distribute the LD101, an innovative dual DC/DCC model rail hand controller. These units are now available for £129.99. Richard has acquired one and will be showing it in action on his new module at the group’s July meeting.

The LD101 is said to have been created following extensive research, development and customer surveys and is believed to solve a common problem facing modellers with DC and DCC-controlled locomotives.

For DC 0peration just select the direction of travel and turn the dial to control your DC loco. For DCC operation, isolate your DC loco from the main power supply, select DCC and control all of your decoder fitted locos. The LD101 also supports loco consists, accessory decoder functions and the full suite of DCC control. This controller can be used by the DC hobbyist who want to venture into DCC control gradually.

Its DCC specification promises 24 or 128 speed step control, main line programming, recall function, support for consisting, and accessory programming. The LD101 system is supplied with mains power supply, power module and controller.

World of Railways reviewed the LD101 back in February and you can read about it HERE.

CLICK/TAP HERE to check out the LD101 on the DMG Electech website.

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