teak thompson

N Gauge Society – Teak Thompsons Teeter on Extinction!

Introduced circa. 2017, the Farish produced Thompson BG has proved a popular model. Exclusively available from the Society, Lined Maroon and Carmine & Cream liveried variants have long since sold out. A similar fate now awaits the Simulated Teak model.

There are only 30 of this eye-catching livery left in the shop and, once these models are gone, it is extremely unlikely that the Society will be in a position to commission another run. So, unless the manufacturer adds them to their main range after the exclusivity period ends, they’ve entered last chance saloon.

These models are only available from the Society shop, along with the other extant liveries, BR Blue, Plain Crimson and Plain Maroon, priced at a very reasonable £24 each*. 


* There is currently a 10% discount on any combination of five or more of Thompsons, Car-flats, Inspection Saloons and Queen Mary brakes.

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