kernow slug

Your very own Isle of Wight ‘Slug’ courtesy of Kernow

Kernow Model Rail Centre has revealed an exclusive limited edition model for ‘N’ gauge of the Isle of Wight’s Class 03 diesel shunter 03179 in Network South East colours.

The Class 03 was introduced in 1957 with 230 completed by 1962. They were designed for shunting work, weighed 30tons, had a Gardner engine with jackshaft drive and were capable of 28.5mph. Withdrawals began in 1968 with the last being withdrawn from service on the mainland in 1987.

03179 moved to the Isle of Wight in June 1988 and gained Network SouthEast colours as well as the unofficial name ‘Slug’. It was the only Class 03 to carry this livery. It remained on the island until 1993 and was later returned to service by West Anglia Great Northern in 1998 to shunt Hornsey Depot. It was finally withdrawn in 2008 and is now preserved at the Rushden, Higham and Wellingborough Railway.

Kernow’s limited edition of 03179 uses the latest generation Graham Farish Class 03 model as its basis. It has a coreless motor and a 6-pin decoder socket while also featuring details such as a ‘flower pot’ exhaust, separately fitted lamp brackets and metal handrails. A Bachmann 36-571 micro decoder is recommended for the model for DCC operation.

The limited edition is available to purchase exclusively from Kernow Model Rail Centre priced at £129.99 (Cat No. 371-064Z) CLICK/TAP HERE.

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